Top IoT Trends And Predictions To Look Out For In 2022

Internet of things or IoT is a trending topic among tech buffs and individuals working in logistics. It is a technology that is in its nascent stage but becoming more and more relevant as time is progressing. The industry which has dared to implement the technology are bearing and enjoying the fruit of productivity and ease of doing business that comes with it. It had revolutionised the manufacturing and tech industry to improve their operations, increase profits, and enhance customer experience. This article will lay down some latest trends in the IoT that are storming businesses.

Upgrading the level of security

It is hard to upgrade devices running on IoT technology to keep up with the dynamic nature of the cyber security realm. But the market is witnessing an emergence in introducing sophisticated measures to protect IoT from physical and cyber threats.


Devices powered by IoT are easily hacked by hackers using Botnet software which they can purchase from the Dark web. For instance, trusted brands like Sierra and Wireless have been breached by hackers through IoT. In this light, network operators merely facilitating the operations will now be entrusted to protect IoT powered devices from being hacked and become less vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. Companies like Microsoft, Ericsson, and Ublox are pioneering the way of threat detection and removal in IoT powered devices.

Disruptive Technologies in IoT

Data collection and data analysis are two processes that have been made immensely easier with IoT. This type of system sends alerts to relevant people when protected data is either accessed or transferred from one place to another. To increase data analysis and get results based on more accurate figures, integrated analytics powered by IoT is implemented. The infrastructure is developed to transform operations and aligning them with techs like AI and machine learning.

Disruptive Technologies

IoT helping in building strategies

For a business to stay relevant and ahead of its competitors, it needs reports, research, and data to execute the collective wish of its customers. As a result, the productivity of the company increases as the Return-on-Investment increases. Involving data collected by IoT tech gives a real-time picture of the situation and helps in devising business models. This allows employees to be more creative and create solutions that are relevant for retaining existing customers and building rapport with new ones.

IoT helping

When Augmented Reality meets IoT

People of the tech world might be knowing about Decentraland, a virtual world existing on non-Fungible tokens. It could only materialise because of the power of coding and the marriage of IoT with Augmented Reality. Other than this, the introduction of AR and Virtual Reality in IoT would open a plethora of opportunities for companies to provide easier solutions. It appears that the Internet of Things is the future.






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