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5 Trends That Advances Cyber Protection

If American statistics are to be considered, every third American is affected by cyber-attacks every 39 seconds. The emergence of technology has increased sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks. To keep up with the dynamic nature of cyber-attacks, the cyber protection industry has to put in their hard work and a lot of research to stay ahead and provide relevant protection solutions.

The threat is so widespread that major powers in the world have dedicated themselves to conducting research to prevent damage from cyber threats. For instance, DCMS or The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in the UK is planning to open a cyber security innovation centre.

Keeping up with technology

With more collective efforts being directed towards achieving the goal of preventing cyber threats, more sophisticated solutions are coming up to battle the thing. This article talks about some of the trends going against cyber threats.

Cyber Protection

Every anti-malware application or services providing company claim that up to millions of programs for battling malware are created every month. It is hard to keep up with the growing technology and individual antiviruses available in the public domain are largely ineffective for new malware.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping a lot in staying ahead of hackers and malware creators. Despite many people being sceptical about their role, they are used to recognise any suspicious activity by improving the rate of timely detection of threats.

Artificial Intelligence

In simple words, the machine is helping humans to learn about malicious behaviour and pattern of other human beings. This is mainly done by creating an algorithm by feeding the AI necessary information and AI helps predict or detect any threat.

Internet of Things

The services provided by the IoT targeted by hackers because of low levels of security. IoT devices are not yet sophisticated to detect or protect themselves from a cyber-attack. Hackers target them by using a botnet algorithm that is readily available on the Dark Web. The Anti-cyberattack industry works round the clock with big tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla to provide IoT powered devices from the attack of Botnets.

Internet of Things

The end of password authentication

Cybercriminals had found a way to go around the traditional wall of security provided by password protection. There are myriad ways to hack into accounts protected by some alphabets and digits. They can send a phishing link in your email inbox or social media account to take access to everything. Therefore, a multi-step authentication process is preferred by all to protect their data on different devices and cloud.

Similarly, a trend started where a user had to share even irrelevant information to use some software or application on their smartphones and devices. Now, users have the power to choose whether they want a particular website to read their cookies or not.






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